Wild Bird Seed

Our energy-rich gourmet mixes include peanut pickouts, peanut hearts, almonds and other tree nuts to attract many favorite song birds.We produce blends of high-quality seeds, cleaned, graded and air-aspirated. No artificial flavoring is used. Our fruit is real fruit. All-natural blends, no insecticides, pesticide or heat treatments of blends.All grains used in our mixes are non-GMO. Our non-GMO corn is milled, cleaned and graded right in our own plant. Our sunflower is cleaned and graded to 99 percent pure. We offer both bright white safflower as well as NutraSaff safflower, a higher energy hybrid without the hard outer shell.We’ve been manufacturing wild bird feed since the 1950’s and have combined our experience and expertise to accommodate any feeding situation. We offer a variety of mixes to accommodate different styles of feeders to make your bird feeding experience more enjoyable 

Poultry Feed


 If you are looking to start selling or using your own poultry, we have the feed covered. Starting with our Chick Scratch with all NON-GMO grains, air cleaned and screened. Our focus is providing your poultry with a clean and healthy feeding. One of our most popular is Des Moines Complete Layer. A fine and very clean non-medicated, safe for all adult poultry game birds. Please review the list of poultry mixes 



 We have been mixing Des Moines Pigeon Feed since the 1950s. Blends of high-quality seeds are cleaned, graded and air-aspirated. Our grains must meet stringent nutritional standards. All grains used in our Des Moines Pigeon Feed are non-GMO.We offer a large selection of mixes, including No Peas mix, No Corn mixes, and With Corn mixes. Our non-GMO corns include Nutra Corn®, open-pollinated red dent corn, red flint corn and yellow popcorn. We stock three different nutritional levels of pigeon pellets to accommodate your feeding program. Each contains prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy digestive tract.Specialty mixes that are available to support your feeding program are Squab Builder, Top Form & Performance Treat and Rest & Recuperation for your racing team.Our own pigeon grit, manufactured in-house, includes chelated trace minerals, vitamins and OMNI certified sea salt. 


Deer and Wildlife

Deer eating food plot and mineral block

Provide unique nourishing food blends for wildlife. Using Food Plots for the deer, and salt blocks. 

Us mixtures to attract and nourish deer, game birds and other wildlife. Which includes non-gmo grains, pellets, molasses, vitamins and minerals. For feeding on the ground, tree stumps or open feed bunks.
Attract and nourish critters to your property!   

Caged Bird Seed

 Our Parkview brand mixes are of viable high-quality seeds, cleaned, graded and air-aspirated for pet and cage birds. We do not use dyes or artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, drugs or antibiotics in our blends. Parkview mixes are all-natural blends with no insecticide, pesticide or heat treatment. These mixes are suitable for family pets as well as large-scale breeders’ aviaries.Especially unique are our Seed Supplement-Molting Food, Breeder-Nestling Food, and Canary Song & Conditioner. These will compliment your feeding and breeding program. We also manufacture our own cage bird grit which includes chelated trace minerals, vitamins, and OMNI certified sea salt. 

Small Animals

We sell a range of Rabbit Food, Chinchilla, Rodent, Hamster and Guinea Pig Feeds. 

Dog and Cat Food

We provide top quality dog and cat food, Diamond, Taste of the Wild, Pro Pack, and Sport Mix. 

Animal Bedding

We have a diverse selection of bedding for all your pets. Ground Corn Cob, Pine shavings (Fine,Medium, Large). Prairie grass hay is our top choice for dog kennels.  Straw bales are available as well. 

Our Favorite Products

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