Black-Capped Chickadee

Fast Facts:

  • Common Name:
    Black-Capped Chickadee
  • Scientific Name:
    Poecile atricapillus
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Size: 5-6 inches
  • Weight: >1 ounce


With their round heads and small bodies, black-capped chickadees are garden favorites simply due to their appearance. Their name comes from the appearance of having a black cap and bib, accented by their white cheeks and gray body. They’re known for their “chick-a-dee-dee-dee” call.

Habitat and Migration

Chickadees are commonly found year-round living in clearings, urban parks, suburbs, and mixed woodlands.

Social Behavior

The black-capped chickadee is the most common and widespread variety of chickadee.These birds are often comfortable around humans and some may feel comfortable enough to take food right out of a hand. In the fall, after mating, their songs and chirping often include chatter from nuthatches, titmice, and others.

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