Pine Siskin

Fast Facts:

  • Common Name:
    Pine Siskin
  • Scientific Name:
    Spinus pinus
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Size: 4.3-5.5 inches long
  • Weight: .45 ounces


Pine siskins are smaller birds, comparable to the American goldfinch in size and to sparrows in coloring. They’re mostly brown in color—darker on their upperparts, but lighter below. Many have patches of yellow on their wings and tails. Their tails are also short and forked.

Habitat and Migration

Found throughout the contiguous United States, much of Canada, and parts of Mexico, pine siskins are migratory and have sporadic winter ranges. They make their homes among conifer trees, in areas with heavy weeds, and mixed woods.

Social Behavior

The nesting habits of pine siskins vary and they may be found nesting in pairs or loose colonies. Usually these nests are from 10-40 feet above ground and females are the nest-builders and during courtship, males typically feed them.

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