White-Throated Sparrow

Fast Facts:

  • Common Name:
    White-Throated Sparrow
  • Scientific Name:
    Zonotrichia albicollis
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Size: 6-7 inches long
  • Weight: .78-1.13 ounces


There are two plumage variations of white-throated sparrows: tan-striped and white-striped. The tan-striped white-throated sparrows have darker tan crowns and a tan center stripe with tannish-grey.

Habitat and Migration

Typically found in mixed woodlands, in thickets, brush, and other areas of hiding, white-throated sparrows make their homes throughout much of Canada and the United States. Known to migrate later in the fall, they usually do their migrating in the dark of night.

Social Behavior

As foragers, they’re often found on the ground, searching for food, which they can store in a pouch in their throats for several hours. During winter months, males are dominant, but this dominance shifts to the females during breeding and nesting season.

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