Pet Bird Care

Supporting Pet Birds

A pet bird can add a lot of entertainment, companionship, and love to your home. It’s also a big responsibility and not a decision to make lightly. A number of factors go into making it, including their happiness, health, and overall well being.

Behavior Enrichment

Birds are naturally curious, industrious, intelligent, and active. In the wild, they search for food, build nests, maintain their social interactions, and are always on the alert for potential predators. When they’re in our homes as pets, those instincts must continue to be supported for their overall wellbeing. Enrichment items are a big part of that.

Bird Cages and Perches

A bird cage should be in place in your home to protect birds—not something they live out their days within. Pet birds need exercise and quality supervised freedom outside of their cage. The type of cage needed depends on the type of bird. The same can be said for perches. The wrong perch can result in pain and fatigue in your bird’s feet.

Domestic Bird Food

Along with enrichment toys, your pet bird requires a balanced diet to support their health. Blends with the right amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and more are available now. Our Parkview mixes include top-quality seeds that have been air-aspirated and graded for cage birds. Mixes available will complement feeding and breeding programs as well.

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