Pure Blue Kentucky Grass Blend


Pure Blue Kentucky Grass Blend


A combination of improved Kentucky bluegrasses similar to many seed products used to grow Kentucky bluegrass sod. It is designed for superior turf quality in full sun to light shade. It will require medium to high management to reach its full potential. This blend may be used to improve the turf density in lawns and other areas that were initially established with sod. It is also recommended for new establishment for many turf areas where full sun to light shade conditions exist. Since it is all Kentucky bluegrass it should only be used where heavy shade is not a consideration. It will perform well on most soils, from high sands to heavier clay soils, where medium to high levels of fertilization and regular irrigation is available.

Recommended Use:
Pure Blue® Kentucky Bluegrass Blend is suited for those turf areas where quality is demanded and management levels support the best possible results. It can be used for nearly any turf area that receives full sun to light shade and receives medium to high levels of management. This product will duplicate the color, texture and density that was provided where the initial turf was established using good quality sod.

Suggested Maintenance:
Best results are achieved with two or more fertilizations per growing season with irrigation sufficient to promote healthy growth throughout the growing season. The recommended mowing height is 2-3 inches although it will perform at slightly lower heights of cut if managed properly.
Grasses in Pure Blue® Kentucky Bluegrass Blend
40% Full Moon Kentucky Bluegrass*
25% Jumpstart Kentucky Bluegrass*
23% Moonlight SLT Kentucky Bluegrass*
12% Right Kentucky Bluegrass*
* Or equivalent depending on availability.

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