Rox Orange Cane Sorghum Seed


Rox Orange Cane Sorghum Seed


Rox Orange Cane Sorhum Seed (Waconia) is a medium-early maturing variety that was developed for syrup production by the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station. It has also been grown for silage in the Upper Midwest.

Rox orange is an old time sorghum favorite for syrup. Many an old timer poured this delicious syrup on a hot plate of pancakes or corncakes!

Rox Orange sorghum is grown like corn, but prefers well drained sandy loam. Rox Orange will grow to 8 ft. tall and can be cut for silage after 70-80 days, or be used for livestock grain if left to full maturity. The seed yield in addition to syrup can be heavy, yielding up to 500 pounds of seed per acre and higher.

Very well adapted to well drained loam and will mature in any area with a long enough growing season for corn.

What a fantastic Sorghum for so many uses. Harvest for syrup. Feed the left over canes/leaves as silage to goats or cows. Save the seed heads for the chickens!

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